I want to say thank you to you for organising it so beautifully. Vicky, we had the most amazing week!! We saw all the animals that we could wish to see, the hotels were gorgeous and the balloon safari was awesome! The whole experience will remain with us for the rest of our lives! I have yet to come back to Earth!! Our driver, Omari, was incredible! He could spot a Jackal, eating, at 300 miles!! He found us every single animal that we expressed a desire to see - the icing on the cake being 3 rhino in Ngorongoro on our last day - a feat that we didn't expect him to be able to accomplish! He was a lovely man, unerringly polite, funny, interested in us, and SO knowledgeable about the wildlife and their habitat. And, as I say, had the eyes of an eagle! I would like to suggest that you request him for all your future clients on that safari - they will miss a treat if they don't have him! Can I ask that you e-mail our thanks and gratitude to Omari's bosses in Arusha, he really was the best, and to be told, by them that they had received an outstanding report from us would make him happy - and he has a lovely smile!! Thank you, once again for all that you did to help us achieve our dream :)) Very King and Grateful Regards


Dear Vicky, I want to thank you personally and most sincerely for all the work you did in arranging our holiday. It was a truly wonderful holiday, made all the more special because it was there I celebrated my 75th birthday. My what a wonderful day. As it was a late booking Vicky eventually managed to book us up with The Cheetah Safari with Kuoni (we were pleased about this as we have been with Kuoni on the past three safari holidays we had done in 1994, 1996 and 1999, and they came up to expectations. It was a truly wonderful holiday and we saw many wonderous sights including a cheetah with a kill and her four cubs - the Ranger at Samburu told Ricardo (our guide) where she was but asked him not to let it be known on the airwaves. Also saw many things which we had not seen before including five rhinos and a fight between two males. Saw many elephants, lions mating and a group- of at least 9/10 lion cubs. Almost saw the wilderbeasts cross the Mara but at the last minute they pulled back as saw crocodile in the river. However, on our way home the next day, they were gathered in their thousands either side of the track as we made our way back to Nairobi. I think, however, the highlight of the holiday had to be the visit to The David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. Our son gave me an adopted elephant about six years ago and renews it each birthday. We went in the morning, which was a public viewing, and then again at five when only those who have an elephant can go - restricted to thirty. People were unable to get close to them in the morning as 'stress' could kill them but in the evening, with their keepers at hand, we were able to 'stroke' them. This was an experience we will never forget. We adopted an elephant (Sitis) for our grandchildren as they will both be able to read the very interesting news letter each month about the news from the Orphanage and any rescues, or otherwise, that have taken place. On my birthday we were at the Masai Mara and unknown to any of us on that day they had a champagne breakfast on the bank of the Mara River. Again, a wonderful experience.. Whilst there we were talking to the Masai Warrior, currently at the Mara Serena Lodge and he told us that a Masai from his village was competing in the Olympic Games. We were very pleased to see David Rudeshia run and win the 800m. We felt as if we knew him and my did he win by a big margin and with no pacemaker. There was a very interesting article about him in the Daily Mail which I cut out. We were with a lovely group of six people.. As always all the lodges were fantastic and the staff brilliant. Think the best lodge we have ever stayed at was the Mara Serena the last lodge. My what a wonderful situation up on the hillside overlooking the Mara and beautifully built. I think, all in all, it was perhaps the best holiday I have ever had. Again, many, many thanks Vicky.